The newborn session takes place between 5-12 days of age. This is the perfect time, when baby is still really sleepy and easy to pose. The sound and smell of mommy nearby tend to make newborns fussy and hungry, so it’s best if I spend a while with baby while you take a break - don’t worry, you won’t be far away! Plan for this session to last 2-3 hours in our baby {and mom} friendly studio.

4 Months

The 4 month session is all about showing off how much baby has grown, those bright, curious eyes, and the newfound smiles! The key milestone is that the baby can holdup their head. They are also able to recognize mom and dad. The shots from this session tend to include fun colors and a variety of expressions. Generally, this will be the shortest of the sessions because babies at this age don’t have much patience for portraiture... but we make up for it later! Session length is 20-30 minutes.

8 Months

These sessions are a LOT of fun! We capture the beautiful milestone shots with baby’s newest talent-sitting up without support (and possibly standing while holding onto something). At this age, babies can hold things and may develop an attachment to a favorite blanket or toy - if so, bring them along. We’ll also use some props like cute hats for the boys, and tutus and jewelry for girls, among other goodies in my collection.Plan for this session to take 30-45 minutes.

The Big O-N-E

It’s here! Baby’s first year seems to have gone by so quickly when you look back. This session is a celebration of your baby. It will consist of two parts - portraits where we capture some of those first few steps and that ever-blooming personality and we’ll end with the cake smash! Your 1 year old will get his/her own baby-sized cake to eat however they may choose. It will get messy, but always guarantees a good laugh and great photos!This session typically lasts approximately 90 minutes (including clean-up time). The great news is, now that your year is complete, you will have a beautiful keepsake to remember forever this priceless, frustrating, amazing, exhausting, beautiful first year! Our Baby Program includes your choice of a custom 8x8 flush mount album with 20-30 of your favorite images from the year OR a beautiful, boutique multi-opening frame with your favorite image from each session to adorn your wall. Discounted portrait collections have been designed for those enrolled in the Milestones Baby Program.

The Family Shots

With your Baby Plan, you can choose one of the sessions to include some shots of the family. I generally recommend the 8 month or 1 year shoot for this, as baby is old enough to really interact with mom, dad and siblings.

Please note: Babies must be enrolled in the program before they are born to be eligible.

What new moms are saying...

  • Owen Gill newborn photoKarey did an amazing job with my maternity pics. She was also.wonderful to work with after Owen was born. She was patient and flexible and really took the time to capture some very precious moments for our family!

    Shannon Gill
    Newborn Photography
  • sleeping baby GraysonWhen I found out that I was pregnant I really wanted to not only share my excitement with friends and family but also do something so I would always have a way to remember that time. I went to Karey to help me capture those memories. She did an amazing job with our maternity photos and after our little guy was born, she captured his sweet and innocent newborn face. All the images Karey took were beautiful and I can't wait to see how she helps us celebrate his 1st birthday!

    Maternity Photography